DFS File System

The DFS (Data File System) is used extensively within the MIKE Powered by DHI software.

It is a binary data file format and it provides a general file format for handling spatially distributed and time dependent data, ranging from measurements of temperature at a single point, to water levels in the North Sea in a 2D grid generated by DHI’s flow models (MIKE 21).

The API in this library allow the user to Open, create and edit all dfs type files: dfs0, dfs1, dfs2, dfs3, dfsu files. It allows creation and modification of static and dynamic items, temporal and spatial axes, their discretizations and corresponding units.

The API is a exported such that it is accessible from C/C++, Pascal/Delphi, Python and any other technology that can consume a C API.

The API methods are documented here:

For detailed documentation on the DFS File System, visit:

Examples for using the C-API can be found on GitHub,

The entire set of examples for MIKE Core, including test data is available in that git repository.

From there it is possible to download the entire repository as a zip file, or to clone the git repository locally. Look for the 'Code' button and find the options there.